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The Faculty is one of the most vital resources the law school. The thirty-three full-time regular teachers that integrate men and women are highly trained, experienced in teaching and research of the law, familiar with the practical aspects of the legal profession and dedicated to teaching their students. A high proportion of the faculty have graduate degrees in law and other disciplines. Among our faculty we have who are legislators, senior judges, heads of agencies, Fulbright Scholars, presidents of law journals and legal officers of the Puerto Rico Supreme Court and Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. All members come from different types of professional experiences, private or public enabling them to enrich teaching.

Besides teaching, school teachers spend considerable time to research legal issues and problems and dissemination of knowledge about the law through articles, books and other media. In the past seven years, for example, the faculty published a total of thirty-seven specialty books and two casebooks and teaching materials. Teachers also published over 150 articles during the same period, both in Puerto Rico and abroad.

Our Faculty is a critical factor for the maintenance of academic excellence that distinguishes our school and makes it the ideal place to study law

The University of Puerto Rico, as the principal center of learning of a democratic community, guarantees and protects the academic freedom of its members and faculty. The Reglamento General (Art. 11, Section 11.1) defines these fundamental rights as follows: "to teach the subject assigned with objectivity and honesty, without restrictions other than the ones imposed by the intellectual and moral responsibility to cover all the essential elements of the course, as approved by the corresponding authority, and with respect to diverging criterion, and the duty to impart knowledge by pedagogic means identified with the ethics of teaching and the search for truth". Similarly, faculty members may undertake investigations "free of restrictions that limit the objectivity, intellectual honesty or the dedication tot the search for truth in their work."




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