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The progress of an institution such as the UPR School of Law depends on several factors:  the students’ labor, the faculty’s talent and commitment, the supporting staff’s enthusiastic attitude, the university’s administrative endorsement and the financial generosity of the Puerto Rican people who bequeath the institutional support received by the School.

However, in Puerto Rico as well as abroad, in the current times the State’s contribution to the education of law is not enough to fulfill the countless needs imposed by the times.  More is needed.  If State’s contribution is not complemented with the support of our alumni, our standards of quality, which compete with the best around the world, are at risk.  Each alumnus, individually, is responsible for the preservation of such standards.

Those of us who had the privilege of studying Law at the UPR, obtained a first rate education at the lowest cost possible, among all of the almost 200 accredited schools. In order for future generations to enjoy that same privilege, the alumni need to contribute, generously, as much as his/her resources will abide.    We hope that this, our call to you, will result in as generous a contribution as your means will allow. 

With our first century coming to a close in 2013, we are launching a new capital campaign called Plan 100.  The Plan will allow our School to continue providing the first rate education it has for almost 100 years.  If you want to become part of Plan 100 please contact us We are counting on you for the next 100 years!!!






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