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Within the emergent process of political and economic integration, law professionals play a major role by providing legal services beyond national boundaries.  As a result of globalization, legal education has changed to become a completely different endeavor.  The new global scenario requires lawyers to be able to perform in a variety of markets and fields.  The lawyer of the future must have ample transnational perspective as well as a broader knowledge of the realities of practice in other jurisdictions.

Historically, Puerto Rico has been at the crossroads of transnational interactions.  Its mixed legal system incorporates characteristics from the two main Western legal traditions, the European Continental civil law tradition and the Anglo-American common law tradition.  The geography, politics and culture of Puerto Rico provide a unique opportunity to take full advantage of the new global tendencies.The University of Puerto Rico School of Law provides a fertile ground for the development of legal professionals capable of occupying leadership positions, not only in Puerto Rico and the United States, but also at an international level. 

The School of Law now offers a wider and more flexible range of academic programs, a diverse faculty dedicated to legal research and teaching, a solid clinical curriculum, and innovative exchange programs with other law faculties in Canada, the United States, South America, and Europe.  Among these programs the Visiting Program invites students from English speaking countries or others where English is a second language who want to experience, in their own language a mixed legal system. 

Exchange Programs
University of Palermo, Argentina
University of Chile
Diego Portales University, Chile
University of Ottawa
University of Arizona
University of Connecticut
Florida International University
Vermont Law School
Joint Programs
J.D./I.E.L.S.P Program
J.D./M.B.A Program
J.D./M.D. Program
J.D./M.P.P Program
Double Degree: University of Barcelona
Summer Program in Chile and Argentina
Summer Program in Barcelona, Spain
Summer Program in Chile & Argentina
Winter Program in Ottawa, Canada
Visiting Student Program
Visiting Students Program
International House Turabo
The School of Law of the University of Puerto Rico offers its visiting, exchange and double degree students, participating lawyers of the Masters in Law program and visiting professors the alternative to be lodged in the International House Turabo during their stay as students or professors in the UPR School of Law.
September 24, 2015
Graduate, Joint and Exchange Programs

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